Product Care

Leatherettes- Wipe down with windex or warm water and soap.

For a cleaner clean, combine one part vinegar and two parts warm water. Wipe down table with the mixture. Windex after.

Stains will become indelible if they are not taken care of promptly.

If a stain occurs on a light colored leatherette, dap nail polish remover with a cotton ball. Windex after.

Be wary of using acitone, as leatherette is plastic and this can burn through the plastic. Regular nail polish remover is reccomended.


DO NOT place hot items directly on leatherette cloths, as they are vinyl and can melt.


Velvets- Machine wash cold in a seperate cycle, place in dryer on medium setting. Ironing is not needed.

If stain occurs, spary with oxiclean or put oxiclean in the washing load.


All other materials- Machine wash cold, dryer on tumble or very low setting, iron if needed.



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